Computer and mobile games are fun to play. They are not realistic, yet feel like one. Some of these games can be educational, while some are totally for entertainment. The game world has been introduced with new types of games these days, which mimic the actual aquarium environment. They are fun to play and there are many to choose from.

Aquarium games are divided into 3 types

  1. Computer games
  • Mega Aquarium

In this game you are tasked to build a public aquarium that attracts a lot of people, makes a lot of money and provides a good home to the livestock. You have to maintain a balance between the requirements of the livestock and the need to make money. You begin with a small amount of money and low number of livestock and aquarium. The game features about 100 different species of fish, corals and other marine organisms, to give you a realistic feel.

  • Fish Tycoon

In this game you have to make money by breeding the fish and selling them. This money can be used to buy better aquariums, equipments, different species and better fish food. This game is fun to play and is available for both PC and Mac.

  • Fishdom 1, 2 & 3

This is a puzzle game with an aquatic theme. It is similar to Candy Crush, where you have to line up similar-looking symbols to make them disappear.

  • Big Kahuna Reef 3

This is another game which is like Candy Crush. Its symbols are sea-related but not very aquarium-related. To know more visit One of the symbols is of molly fish which has made me wonder how long do molly fish live?

  • Jenny’s Fish Shop

This is a fun game in which you have to help Jenny in stocking her fish store, by placing the right item in the right aquarium. It a simple fun game, suitable for children and casual gamers.

  1. Mobile games
  • Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium

Fish Tycoon is a fun game designed for Android and iOS users. You start off with a small amount of money and a basic fish-breeding setup. You are tasked with turning the humble setup into an empire. It contains more than 400 different fish species.

The challenge is, some fish are easy to maintain while some require special conditions to thrive. This game demonstrates the complexity of fish-keeping accurately. It is not particularly educational, but gives a good introduction to the world of fish-keeping.

  • Fish Live

This game is entirely fictional as it allows you to keep a lot of different fish species together in the same aquarium. It is a fun game to kill time but contains a lot of ads.

  • Aquarium Fish by JK Area

It is a realistic game which contains real fish species. Everything you do affects your aquarium and the life thriving in it. If you overfeed the fish, water quality will drop. If you forget to put on a heater, water will turn cold.

  1. Casino games

Casino games have nothing to do with reality. They are entirely based on luck. If you want to play these games then I will recommend you to play with virtual money, not real money.

  • Golden Fish Tank

Golden Fish Tank is one of the best aquarium slot machines from Yggdrasil.

  • Goldfish

This slot machine is popular both in regular casinos and online. It is themed around tropical and exotic fish. The most popular of all is the goldfish that gives you a chance of winning big, by rewarding you with free spins, a maximum of 20 free spins.

But the biggest con of this game is its uninspired lounge music and irritating sound effects.

  • Aquarium

This slot machine is themed around fish and marine livestock. Despite its name, it has little to do with aquarium life. It is a fun game but not as good as other slot machine games like Divine Fortune and Star Burst.